You Repair it, We Repair it, Repair it Together!

UFix-it Automotive and Diesel is around us for 13 years, working with professionalism and creating a benchmark in the market, by offering customers the best DIY and traditional repair service possible at an affordable price because we feel that they deserve it. UFix-it Automotive and Diesel aim to offer the most exceptional DIY Automotive and Diesel Repair services, with a vision to repair your vehicle for you with professional working. We aim to become the well-known Heavy Diesel Repair Shop in Darlington, with positive and satisfactory feedback from our potential customers. The founder of the company is a big fan of Nascar and NHRA race. Every year, we host the Southern 500 and NHRA drag racing events because Darlington is known for car racing and racers. We are a team of experts mechanics, with high-level experiences in enhancing your engine performance for a smooth drive! Our offered models can be found easily on a military post, known as “Craft Shop” where the soldiers perform the repairing of their vehicles on their own. We convey a similar message and offer to-do engine and diesel repairing tools to enhance customer experiences. We are the first to implement this model in town and offer workshops for customers to exceed their experience and practical perfection in repairing their vehicles perfectly! We are not just DIY, but a resource center for your vehicle repair.

Our Mission

UFix-it Automotive and Diesel aim to offer a unique resource for do-it-yourself automotive and diesel repair in town, with professionalism and quality working plans. We want to create an environment where the vehicle repair can be performed by anyone, in an easy, funny, and engaging way!